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cello sonata in g minor, op. 19, tonight in chisinau!


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i made it!  after 2.5 hours of security checks in the tel aviv airport (i am not exaggerating), i was finally allowed to board a plane to atlanta!  13 hours in the air, and now i’m here.

andrew and i are now off to get our suits cleaned and pressed.  mine is a mess after being folded in my suitcase for the past 4 days.

3 more days to the wedding….

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tel aviv

so i’m in tel aviv, and it looks like my flight to atlanta is going to be on time.

should be stateside at 5:55am eastern time tomorrow.

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headed to airport

i’m headed out in a few minutes to the airport in kiev.  it looks like ukranian air space is still open, so hopefully i will make it to tel aviv and then on to atlanta.

kiev is beautiful.  hopefully i will be able to post a few pictures in the near future.  last night i ate dinner at a kosher restaurant connected to a synagogue i found.  it was delicious and so great to see such an active synagogue in eastern europe. 

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last night at about 6:30 i started finding fairly cheap flights to tel aviv out of kiev and from there a direct flight to atlanta.  i began to think that this might be a good way to avoid the ash cloud over europe as ukranian air space seems to be open, so i took a maxitaxi to the north bus station in chisinau to ask about transport to kiev.  apparently there is only one bus per day, at 9:30pm, and at this point it was already 8.  i returned home, bought both plane tickets, repacked my bags and called a taxi.  i got back to the bus station by 9, and we pulled out of chisinau at 9:30.

this was such a spontaneous decision, but so far, things are going according to plan.  i’m writing from a hotel lobby in kiev where i am waiting until noon when i can check in.  tomorrow i fly to tel aviv and hopefully on to atlanta.

maybe i’ll be able to see a little bit of kiev today?  or at least practice some of the russian i don’t use much in chisinau?


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volcanic activity

so i’m writing this from my apartment in chisinau.  i was supposed to fly out over 24 hours ago to nashville, but moldovan airspace (as well as almost all of european airspace) was closed all day yesterday and looks like it will be closed all day today as well.  i was told to not even bother trying to rebook my flight until monday afternoon.  i have considered traveling 3 days by bus or train to athens and then trying to fly to new york through istanbul (airspace in southern europe seems to still be open), but it just seems so risky and extremely expensive.

my other option is to wait it out at home in chisinau.  i have a paper ticket issued by us airways but my first leg is to frankfurt with air moldova.  the people at us airways said that they cannot help me until i get to frankfurt because i do not have an electronic ticket.  so, i have to wait until i can get rebooked by air moldova on a flight to frankfurt, and then deal with the rest of the trip once i’m there.  and if you’ve been watching the news, you know what the situation is like in frankfurt….

what do you all think?  should i buy a new (expensive) ticket, hop on a bus to athens and hope the volcanic ash doesn’t move further south?  or should i wait it out in moldova?

a dear, dear friend of mine is getting married on saturday in atlanta, and i can’t imagine not being there.

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easter lunch

yesterday friends from five countries gathered to celebrate resurrection.  here is a picture of us (ok, them….i’m taking the picture) around the table before eating.  we’re from moldova, romania, kazakhstan, sierra leone and the united states. 


the menu?  chicken soup, bread and potato salad.  dessert was homemade apple/walnut plăcintă (think apple pie) and the traditional easter pastry cozonac.  the only thing missing was dyed eggs….

and today, monday, is considered the second day of easter here, so we’re not working.  it’s crazy how barren the city is after the insane amounts of traffic and people who bombarded the central market on friday and saturday to do last-minute shopping.  now everyone is visiting relatives in the villages, celebrating and eating lots of good food.  right now i can smell the neighbors’ barbeque in the courtyard and hear them chatting with visitors….one last easter masă. 

today i went for a walk through the eerily deserted market and noticed a few sellers there who had opened their stalls.  i wondered how desperate they must be to work on a national holiday without much potential for sales. 

but tomorrow things will be back to normal….we will be back to work, public transportation will be running at regular intervals and the market will be full of life. 

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