back home

i’ve been back in chişinău since wednesday morning at 4am.  i arrived in bucharest on monday evening, spent the night there and took a train to galaţi tuesday morning.  it was my first time back to romania since moving in january, so it was great to be able to spend some time with the staff and kids at the wmf community center.

upon arriving in chişinău, we spent all day wednesday searching for a new office apartment because the one we are currently using was sold while i was on vacation in the states.  we found a 2-room apartment that is cheaper than the one we’re in now and that is within walking distance of the boarding school where we volunteer each day.  and we really like our new landlord.

today we moved almost all of our stuff there, but since there are still a few minor repairs that need to be done and because internet is still connected at our old place, i’m here for a few more days until the new owners move in.

please note that my (our) mailing address has changed:

John Koon

C.P. 4, O.P. 2000

Chişinău, MD-2000

Republic of Moldova


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